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As a market transformation program, ETA will work to overcome market barriers, leading to greater market adoption of targeted technologies, and ultimately, energy savings. In the initial years of a market transformation program, energy savings can be small as it can take time to grow the market.

 In addition, the savings methodology for counting savings from market transformation initiatives (described further in this document) is more involved than is typically the case for utility rebate programs. Therefore, a careful evaluation plan is a complementary endeavor to estimating savings from market transformation programs because it can provide additional evidence of the effectiveness of programmatic efforts to break down barriers and support the estimation and claiming of energy savings.

This Evaluation and Savings Plan focuses on the air source heat pump initiative. We attempt here to provide a well thought-out plan for both the estimation of savings, and for measuring market progress, in advance of launching our initiative in the market. As we learn more about the market through additional research and through our market engagement, we will continue to refine and update our approach.